Reasons to choose us

From the way we value our people, to the way we do business, and the way we live our values, Lantmännen Unibake is exceptional. Take a look at these seven reasons to find out more about what makes us such a great place to work.

We let you lead the future of bakery

Unibake is evolution. We constantly grow – our size, our customer base, our human capital. It never stops. That is why we hire lifelong learners. We want you to evolve with us and we promise to support you in doing what you do best. Because we know that when you love your work and when you thrive with the people you work with, amazing things will happen.

One group – endless opportunities

You can make a real footprint from day one and we can always promise you more opportunities to come. 

Opportunities do not come by themselves though, and we expect from you, that you challenge and push us – and we will challenge and push you. Forward. Not back.  

Diversity is our middle name

You will be part of a truly diverse group. In our head office alone, we count 20 different nationalities. You could be the 21th or 22st. The thing is: we don’t care about colour, age, gender.

A unique ownership

Our name, Lantmännen Unibake, strongly reflects the unique ownership in the shape of a 25,000 Swedish farmers’ cooperative.

The profit goes back to the farmers and their businesses and is reinvested in farming, research and development. This way, our owners make farming thrive.

Our teams make the difference

There is so much in the mix. You will strive and drive. You will try, fail, try again and do it right. But you will never do it alone.

You can impact from your first day!

We like to think that we are a very good (nobody’s perfect!) match for you if you are hungry to make an impact.

Who wants ordinary?

If you work here, there are no two days alike. If you want to there is literally nothing you can’t achieve in the dynamic and fast-moving environment that surrounds us. Working with us might be sometimes challenging, but it is definitely not dull. Who wants ordinary anyway?